Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Saga of Mr. Del Toro

     So I've posted my first blog yesterday and gave you a brief synopsis of what I hope to share with you.  Today I will share with you some other items that I hope to discuss and provide you some more background of who I am and what I currently do.
     Educational technology, leadership, social media and common core state standards; these are just a few of the items my website and blog will focus on.  I also plan on sharing resources that I come across that will be beneficial to you and your students.
     I consider myself a newb when it comes to implementation of educational technology into the classroom, however I am taking the initial leap to advance my learning so that I can advance the learning of my students.  My goal is to provide a platform to share my trial and tribulations so that you can learn and join me on my journey.
     As I begin this journey, I will post on my blog twice a week to share the most up to date resources and tech tips that may make your life a little easier.

     I have worked at Bryant Middle School in Dos Palos, CA since 2013.  I began my teaching career as a Computer Teacher for the middle school.  I quickly saw that my site was in need of an overhaul in the technology department.  I am currently assigned to teach Computer Applications, Game Design Foundations and Yearbook.
     Prior to landing my first and only teaching job, I substitute taught for four years in the Merced Union High School District in addition to the Madera Unified School District.  Teaching was not my first career choice as college was always placed on the back burner.  I held jobs that included food service, debt collections, banking, retail and auto insurance claims.  
     Currently I'm aimed to complete my Master of Arts in Educational Technology at Fresno Pacific University in 2016.  When I am lucky enough to find "free" time, I enjoy traveling and relaxing.  Travel doesn't necessarily mean traveling across the country, I am very happy with a trip to the coast or to the mountains. 

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