Friday, July 3, 2015

Success Starts Now!

Success Starts Now!  That is quite the bold statement for my first blog post. Just as everything that happens has to have a beginning, my role as an ed tech enthusiast begins with this post. I will admit that I am not the best with words but I will blog as much as possible to share the ideas and resources that I come across. These ideas resources will hopefully aid myself, you and our students in becoming tech savvy individuals.

I was looking around for some motivation for my first post and came across this classroom poster that I normally have in my classroom near my door. Just as I did for the past two summers, I take down my classroom posters and bring them home. I've walked by it many times these last three weeks without giving it much thought.  When deciding what my first post would be about this somehow came to mind.  "Success starts with believing in yourself."  I believe that I can contribute to you, the reader of my blog and visitor of my site.  I believe I have something to share that is worthwhile of your time. Thank you for believing in me and my initial success of creating a platform to share my knowledge.

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